MLB.TV Premium 讓你免費看兩天

這兩天 推出大放送,剛剛收到 EMAIL 內容提到台灣時間大概是5/7~5/8這兩天只要你登入你的 就可以免費享受高畫質的轉播,其畫質分別是 800K 以及 1.5MB 兩種。

如果你想看利用 王建民的比賽或許可以利用這一次的機會,千載難逢,趕快去 申請一個帳號吧。

Dear Valued Customer,
As a courtesy, we would like to offer you two free days of MLB.TV Premium. The 2008 product is better than ever, improved streaming video (TV-Quality), a brand new media player and an all new MLB.TV Mosaic. This offer will allow you to view all of the changes because we are granting you access to MLB.TV Premium. Watching live baseball on the Internet has never looked so good.
There is no action required to take advantage of this offer. Your account has been activated and you will have access to MLB.TV Premium on Tuesday, May 6 & Wednesday, May 7.
To activate this free trial, simply visit our Multimedia Guide & select the game of your choice by clicking on an 800K or 1.2M link to experience the higher quality streams that MLB.TV Premium has to offer. Should your computer be unable to handle the higher quality streams, you may still view the 400K stream from MLB.TV Premium.
If you have any questions about this offer, please contact Customer Service by phone (within the US and Canada) at 866-800-1275 or email at [email protected].
Enjoy the 2008 season

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