Vista 盜版用戶將會遭受 m$ 的反撲?

  在一間小有名氣的網站披露盜版 vista 將在近期被鎖螢幕,螢幕將會全黑看不到東西,這不知道是不是 ms 放出來的假消息,ms 一向只對大咖做出懲罰,對於散戶幾乎都沒有啥大動作,藉此拉高市佔率逼的大公司不得不購買授權版。

還好我在一年多前就慢慢接觸 linux(ubuntu),現在的 linux 大都有 windows-like 的介面(可以看上圖,那是我的桌面),所以上手非常的快,除了一些專業軟體外幾乎都用不到 ms 的 windows,所以一直到現在對於 windows vista 還是興趣缺缺,總覺得他是 windows me 的接棒者,只有雷聲大雨點小一下子就被淘汰,目前 windowsXP 是最多使用者的系統,而且 ms 也會在2008 年推出 windowsXP SP3 的修正,也就是說 windowsXP 還可以活很久,足以稱道下一個 MS 作業系統出來。

在 mobile01 不少人都前仆後繼的升級 windows vista,堪稱是最佳的正版模範網站,但是我卻也發現裡面筆電版求助從 vista 降回 winxp 的人也不少,這真是有趣的現象,如果由人需要降級回 winxp 可以到 mobile01 翻翻看文章!

最後再度推薦 ubuntu

update: M$ 果然出來澄清,得罪散戶是不對的 XD[連結]


Black screen of darkness to haunt Vista pirates

Buy the software or suffer the consequences

Rodney Gedda 11/09/2007 12:22:37

Microsoft Windows’ infamous “Blue Screen of Death” has become synonymous with an operating system crash or freeze, but that’s nothing compared with what users of pirated copies of Vista worldwide can expect from now – a black screen of darkness.

In an e-mail to a large Windows Vista OEM distributor titled “Pirated Vista – A darkness descends!”, a local Microsoft representative made it quite clear what Vista pirates can expect to happen to their unlicensed installations.

A copy of this e-mail was obtained by Computerworld.
“Good Afternoon, As of this week, Microsoft have activated a function in Vista called ‘Reduced Functionality’. This is a specific function in Vista which effectively disables non genuine copies of Windows. Therefore, anyone who has a pirated copy of Vista will experience:
A black screen after 1 hour of browsing
No start menu or task bar
No desktop
Please communicate this anti-piracy initiative from Microsoft to your resellers – note this function has only just been activated in Vista worldwide and therefore any issues with non genuine versions will start to arise from now onwards.”

Microsoft’s new tough anit-piracy move also proves the company still controls its software releases with an iron fist, but it marks the first global use of heavy-handed tactics for pirated copies of Windows.

The e-mail message also included what resembled an advertisement of the new anti-piracy initiative.

Titled “Don’t let this happen to your customers”, the advertisement indicates non-genuine copies of Windows Vista will lose access to key features, have limited access to updates, and thus risk attack from viruses, malware, and spyware.

“If Windows Vista is not activated with a genuine product key, your customers will experience reduced functionality,” according to the ad. “The blocking of non-genuine product keys is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. To help protect honest partners and fight piracy, Microsoft will continue to block product keys that are determined to be pirated, stolen or otherwise deemed non-genuine.”

The ad concludes with “Don’t risk it!” and “make

sure your customers always get genuine Windows Vista preinstalled”.

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